Practical Information

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Trekking Permit

Since most of the trekking areas fall in the “protected areas” category, trekking permit is required quite often. We need different documents to obtain the permit. Don’t forget to give/ email us a copy of your passport and photos for identity.

We need your passport to obtain a special permit at Kathmandu (add one day for this purpose) for the following treks: Dolpo, Manaslu, Mustang, Rara, Kanchenjunga, Nar fu,Humla, Rolwaling


Don’t forget to sign-up for insurance that covers helicopter repatriation from the mountains. The agency does not cover the medical bills that your insurance does not cover.


A passport with validity date of at least 6 months is necessary to obtain your visa. You can get your visa to Nepal directly at the airport upon the payment of 25$ for 15 days or 40$ for 30 days.

Don’t forget to take the forms and identity photos with you. If you fill the papers that you are given in the airplane correctly, obtaining visa will be faster.


There are several categories of hotels in the big cities like Kathmandu, Pokhara ,Bandipur, Bhaktapur , Nagarkot, and we can reserve the rooms as per your preferences.

Along the trekking routes, there are small lodges where you might or might not have shower.

As for the meals, they are quite plain since the lodges are not well equipped. We will often have a choice between the traditional “Daal Bhaat” and a staple diet of potatoes, pasta or rice.


You can withdraw the forms with your visas or master card. There are many distributers in the big cities, while it is equally to find them in the mountains. You can also easily cash your currencies in Rupees. Always keep your valuable objects with you and never offer money while you are traveling in the mountains.


Save a day or two in case the mountain flights are delayed or cancelled because of bad weather. We discourage traveling by local bus. Hire private cars or choose tourist bus.


Here is a list of minimum equipment that we recommend:

  • A sleeping bag
  • Two flasks of 1L (possible to buy in Thamel)
  • A first-aid kit (with medicines indispensable for the voyage, consult your travel health centre to know more)
  • A front lamp with batteries (possible to buy in Thamel)
  • Things to apply the 3 layer technique De quoi mettre en oeuvre la technique des 3 couches
  • A pair of gloves
  • A hat
  • Sun glasses
  • A scarf
  • A cap
  • Water purifying tablets or filter (possible to buy in Thamel)
  • A charger (most of the lodges have the facility to recharge electrical appliances)
  • A camera with empty memory card
  • A pair of trekking poles
  • A rain cape
  • A bath towel
  • Reading materials


Don’t forget to get a health checkup before coming to Nepal, and if you have any health issue, please inform us before the trek.

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